My Vacation

I now have all my vacation plans. Wherever this is, and doing it.

Half Life 2 using the Wiimote

I love it when people take existing technologies and meld them into a pile of awesome. Nintendo Wii remote technology + a powerful PC game engine = Possibilities.
You crazy people and your crazy mods using crazy technology.

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Seeing Different

This post is brought to you by Neatorama.

Running from Camera is a blog about a photographer who sets his camera on a 2 second time delay and tries to get as far away as possible. It adds a new element to all the settings.

I previously posted about this last year, but now CBS did a great piece on it.

Seeing with your Tongue.

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We <3 Technology

Today's post is brought to you by Technology.

A list of the 9 military technologies that we want for ourselves!

The worlds first optical storage that fits on One Photon! No joke, scientists have stored an image on one photon... It just boggles the mind.

And finally, a totally automated mini-car factory built out of Lego Mindstorms.



This post is brought to you by Light

Lack of Light: Some very brave people traveled to the depths of the secret tunnels built behind Niagra Falls. Frozen time at it's best.

Lapse In Light: Stunning time-lapse video

Light Sculpture: LED hacking at it's best.

Light Sculpture on Vimeo



The sexiest thing I have seen all year

I don't even care the video is too big I'm so excited.

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The Internet Loves You

This post is brought to you by streaming video.

Tadeo is a fearless adventurer who decides to face a challenge, a great challenge. He's going to enter a very complex pyramid where he's going to find curious and dangerous surprises.

Tadeo has won numerous awards and is a really enjoyable short.

And now a word from your host, Bruce Lee. This screen test from 1964 shows a new side of Bruce Lee-- scaring old American businessmen.

The Jeep Waterfall is an innovation in jaw-dropping water-art I want to say. The aesthetics of a fountain mixed with the technology of a new media artist... I love it.

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Those once in a lifetime shots

A rainbow and lightning in one shot. cha-ching.

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Fads, Robots, and Kittens!

This post brought to you by Neatorama.

Fads - A post of a previous article from Mental_Floss has a recount of "37 fads that swept the nation" From Hula Hoops to Goldfish swallowing, we have all done some pretty silly things.

Robots - This "Counter Crafting" robot is a prototype for a new type of robot that will supposedly be able to build entire houses at 1/5th the price and in a fraction of the time.

Kittens! - Who can resist a troop of kittens doing "ballet"?

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The Artist, The Visionary, The Art

Todays post is brought to you by The Athanasius Kircher Society.

The Artist - √Čtienne-Jules Marey was a pioneer in photography, but I am most fond of his "Movements of Air" shots.

The Visionary - Evgen Bavcar is a phenomenal photographer and artist, and all without his sight. That's right, he's the blind photographer.

The Art - One of my favorite modern artists is of course Bansky. If you don't know Bansky you should check him out and see what you think. If you do know Bansky, then now is your chance to get a lot of his artwork in huge file formats for free!

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