Eye Candy - 11/20/06

Well, this was a big eye candy week so get ready. Don't miss the last one, it's my favorite.

1. Ernesto Neto's installation in Paris, in the Pantheon no less! Very gooey looking.

2. Bibliodyssey has an awesome post containing dozens of historical brain maps. Makes you realize how far we've come and how far we have to go doesn't it?

3. FlyingMachines.org is the greatest collection of classic failed flying machines you will find anywhere.

4. The classic Rubens Tube. Always cool. Especially when some Metal-head sets one up in his garage.

5. Last but oh so not least, the Tree Of Life.

From the site, "This tree is from an analysis of small subunit rRNA sequences sampled from about 3,000 species from throughout the Tree of Life. The species were chosen based on their availability, but we attempted to include most of the major groups, sampled very roughly in proportion to the number of known species in each group.

A beautiful visualization of all the things wandering this flying rock. Excellent.

Well, that's it. I hope it teases your fancy. Oh, and happy 200th post to us! I'm going to go get a cupcake.



Laughter Medicine

There are some things that just make you giggle whether you like it or not.

Like funny cat pictures.

And remakes of Lord of the Rings.