Speaking The Truth

Following my boy Olbermann in the "Speaking the Fucking Truth" category, is my boy Bill Maher.

So true. Except for the soccer part..


This, That, and the Other

This: When it absolutely has to get there...

That: In the future, warnings are a little different.

The Other: Sony has had a few wonderful commmercials, but this takes the cake. B-e-a-utiful.


How Many of Me

This is cool. HowManyofMe.com can tell you how many people have the same name as you. 34,496 Caleb's, 15,688 Gatlin's, and only 2 of me. Word. -viaNeatorama

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


Tasty Eye Candy

Ahh, another delicious serving of Eye Candy. I could eat this all day.

1. This is now at the top of my gift list.. for myself. ; Sushi Pillows!. via BoingBoing

2. This is an enormous collection of beautiful surrealist paintings. Very impressive.

3. And, for the part of you that loves the beauty of destruction, a well edited collection of slow-motion bullets.


I heard the news today..

There's more news than you can shake a stick at out there, but not much of it is good. So here is some good news for ya, so you don't have to cry tonight.

1. Screw tires! I want Tweels! These new forms of tires have flexible spokes instead of air, making them smoother, stronger, and less likely to have you cursing on the side of the road.

2. Scientists have succesfully "teleported" two different objects. Now while we aren't quite ready to start slinging Kirk all over the place, this is still a huge step in quantum communication. It's not quite teleportion like science fiction has taught us, since the matter of the objects wasn't teleported, but their information in the form of light into matter.. or something... Anyway, Hurrah!

3. And last, but oh so not least, my new best friend Olbermann went on the air and had something he needed to get off his chest.. Everything! This is one of the most straight forward, heart-felt, and serious speeches I have heard in a long time. Someone is finally demanding that Bush be held responsible for his actions. Thank you, Olbermann!

Note: This is his response to Clinton's apperance on Fox the other day. Another very interesting watch. Part I Part II


Eye Candy

A Beautiful Collection of Bizarre Cloud Formations.

A Massive Collection of Apple Ads From Day 1.