I recently stumbled on Inhabitat and have been engrossed ever since. Inhabitat is a blog devoted to the future of design for our world. It's the where our aesthetics are going, minus the Target. And beautiful to boot.

I found these Bone Lamps, inspired by bird bones, on the first page. Magnifico!

Eye Candy: Solar Eclipse

A ginormous picture of one of those beautiful moments in life.


SmackBook Pro

Some genius came up with a way to switch screens on his macbook use the impact technology. I would definitely get this if I had a MacBook. I bet you look like a mental patient using it in public.


Salt Patterns

In this video some clever people put a bunch of salt on a metal plate and vibrate it at a bunch of different frequencies. It makes some very cool patterns. I recommend turning down your speakers though.

Tabu Ultra Lounge

Freeset has installed some very cool interactive tables in the Tabu Ultra Lounge. I would have a ball with these if I was drinking with friends and had toys like this.


WikiMapia is a project aimed at describing the whole world. 'Nuff said.

Nike Plus

This is very cool. Nike is teaming up with Apple to create Nike Plus. With a small "pod" that you insert into your shoe which allows your shoe and your ipod to communicate. It can keep track of how far you've gone, and even tell you during your run and offer advice. Pretty Nifty!

The Wright Brothers Got Nothin!

December 17th, 1903: Wright Brothers take flight for 12 seconds and 120 feet.
May 21st, 2006: Aston Martin ALMS car skids off the track and takes flight for 144 feet. 24 feet farther than the Wright Brothers. Technology, how I love thee, let me count the ways...


Super-Minimalist Awayyyy!

For those of you that can't stand those pesky ear thingies on glasses. The future is here! Glasses that attach to your piercing! Why not?


New Yorkhenge

Attention to all those in New York:

This Sunday, May 28th, and July 13th, a Wednesday, are going to be very special days. In the last 15 minutes of sunlight the sun will line up with all the cross-streets of Manhattan and set between the buildings. Those of you who are lucky enough to be there, it will be quite a sight. Enjoy!

via Gothamist


The Butterfly Alphabet

Hooray Nature!.

The Forever Mosaic

This is crazy cool. An Infinite Mosaic.

Trust me, just check it out.

To Infinity And Beyond!

A gorgeous picture of a NASA shuttle taking off. At the end of the trail it is already over 200 miles away. Nifty.

Apple Store 5th Avenue

Apple just opened up a huge store on 5th Avenue in NY. Not only that but there is a huge Borg cube sitting on top of it, and it's going to be open 24 hours a day.

The interesting part is that Apple has put up some very cool timelapse photos of the first 24 hours they were open.

Artist: Rob Gonsalves

Rob Gonsalves is a beautiful painter with a trippy Escher-like quality. I want to put some of these on my walls.


The Highest Viaduct Ever

ooooh, pretty.

Stone Golem Smash!

These guys are now the coolest people alive. 5 foam mattresses + over 50 sticks of hot melt glue + 8 cans of grey and black spray paint = Stone Golem!


The Living Dead

Hold on. Relax. You're grandfather isn't climbing out of his grave and eating your neighbors dog... yet.. The Living Dead is a beautiful full bloom garden that can never die. The only thing wilting around this garden is us.

From Pruned:

Garden (2000) by Marc Quinn is a real botanical garden, full of plants and flowers from all over the world. They are displayed in full bloom, and are potentially eternal: the nearly 1000 specimens are immersed in twenty-five tons of liquid silicone kept at a constant temperature of -80˚ Celsius. They can neither grow or perish, an unreal dimension that cannot exist unless produced artificially. And though frozen, they produce an enchantment of continuous spring.


Whitney Music Box

A nifty website with pretty pictures and cool noises. There's something mathematic here but the Whitney Music Box is just as nifty without understanding it.

Eye Candy: International Space Station

A very cool ginormous picture of the International Space Station.


We Need Patent Reform!

Proof that patent reform has turned for the worst.

This guy has just applied for a patent for a "Full Body Teleportation System." But, wait, don't you have to actually INVENT a full body teleportation system to patent it? Nope!

from the Patent:


[0002] The basis for this invention is an event, referring to FIG. 1, occurring on May 2, 2004, in which the inventor ("he") personally experienced a full-body teleportation while walking to the bus stop.


16-year-old invents new way to produce Electricity

Kartik Madiraju, an 11th-grader from Montreal, was able to generate about half the voltage of a normal AA battery with a fifth of an ounce of naturally occurring magnetic bacteria. And the bacteria kept pumping current for 48 hours nonstop.

"No one has ever used magnetic bacteria to produce an electrical current before," Madiraju said.

The experiment is being presented this week at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, an über-science geek competition in which the chipmaker annually hands out $4 million in prize money to students. Winners will be announced Friday.


The Big Bad NSA

Everyone probably knows that the NSA likes to listen in to our conversations as much as they can. Most of the time everyone seems to just let it happen, but not always. Recently, Justice Department lawyers tried to investigate the warrantless eavesdropping program and the NSA responded tuesday with, "Uhh... No." So apparently the NSA doesn't have to listen to anybody else. Who knew?

Interestingly enough, the Washington Post did a poll on the subject. According to them, Most Americans Support NSA Wiretapping. Personally, I think polls don't mean shit. The demographics are often chosen to support someone's opinion, so I'm not giving this much weight. How can 60% of Americans be O.K. with this? Maybe I'm just putting too much faith in the Game.


Ask a Republican

Views on Drugs, Rap and Abortion

I think he is hysterical. He has a bunch of performances and they're all funny.

Car Painting

Someone with a lot of time made a pretty impressive painting in the dirt on a car. Brilliant.

From the Site: It's not contemporary art, it's temporary art.


nevaeH oT yawriatS

This is creepy and cool. This guy taught himself how to sing Stairway to Heaven backwards. The impressive part is he did all the rises and drops in tone and everything.

Here it is backwards. And here it is reversed (forwards).


This is very cool. This is Wikocracy. In a Wikocracy, if you don't like a law, you change it yourself! They say it's only a test, but it will probably turn out to be more of a wake up call. Everyone contribute and let's see how this turns out.


Eye Candy: El Sol

Our beauitful sun. Makes you appreciate it a little more.

Eye Candy: Visionary Artists of the 21st Century

Wow. This is The Surreal, Fantastic Realist, Psychedelic & Visionary Artists Of The 21st Century Links Gallery, and it's fantastic. I had to break out my multiplication tables, but I think there are 342 links to artist's websites, and that is awesome.

Thank You Stephen Colbert

Update: YouTube has pulled all the videos of the speech, citing copyright infringment. Yet, coverage of the same event last year has stayed up, and the videos of Bush from the same conference are up too. Coincidence?

Here is great coverage from BoingBoing.

Stephen Colbert. What a guy. Went up in front of all the Whitehouse big-wigs and told them to shove it... with all of his praise of Bush (what a brilliant shtick)

Check out the 3-part carnival.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Want to say thanks, Stephen? So far 32,789 other people have. Hah!

Plus, his good buddy John Stewart had some kind words:

"It was balls-alicious," Stewart said. "Apparently he was under the impression that they'd hired him to do what he does every night on television" -- that is, make fun of conservatives, public officials, and the press in the guise of an O'Reillyesque talk show host.

"We've never been prouder of him, but HOLY ----," Stewart added.

He also described the annual dinner as "where the President and the press corps consummate their loveless marriage."


Party Flyers As Far As The Eye Can See

This is a HUGE collection of old party flyers from the badass hip hop days. There are more than I have ever seen. Actually, it's more than I thought possible.

Unrealised Moscow

These beautiful epic images are from Russia's old glory days. The unrealised day-dreams. Truth is I would love to see architecture like this. You can just feel the coldness of it, but it's still so magnificent.