BlueBalls can be fun!

Blue Ball Machine is one wild picture. If you can keep your head from exploding you should enjoy this. But be warned, the music can destroy the weak of heart. I would love to see this framed on my wall.

Iraqi War Fatalities Flash Video

Iraqi War Coalition Fatalities

This is a truly amazing flash video that shows coalition soldiers deaths in Iraq in order. Each frame of the video is a day, and the dots flash for each death. Really powerful piece considering how much worse it got as time went on.

A truly beautiful homage to those lost in the war and those who sent them out there for... what?

A car that runs on corn and electricity!

Its true! The first car that produces no CO2 emissions and runs on pure bioethanol and electric power. Who's the genius breaking free of fuel dependency? Saab with their new Biopower Hybrid Concept (Truth is I didn't see that coming).

Not to exclude Ford who is making their own steps towards ethanol based fuels, but it looks like it's going to be awhile until they take steps like this.


Pleix Films

Pleix Films make amazing videos. Their website is simple and to the point. Nothing else needs to be said.

(This image is of my favorite video. Nothing better than slow motion flying dogs)

So it begins...

I have entered the world of 'blogging'. I'm not sure what that is or what I'm suppose to do, so I guess I'll just do what I do best. A sort of "Dude, did you see that thing about..." whatever. Enjoy.